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Referral to Jaw Medical Centre?

Information for referrers

The KMC - Kaak Medical Center, part of the Zaans Medical Center, is located on the outskirts of Amsterdam centre (Jan van Galenstraat 176-178). Our services are characterized by quality, assurance and personal attention. Because we know how worrying a visit to the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon can be, we always take plenty of time for you and the patients. We do not have a waiting list and patients can also come to us in the evenings.

The KMC Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons are affiliated with various professional groups, such as the Dutch Association for Oral Diseases, and Facial Surgery (NVMKA), KNMT, NVTS and NVOI. Our working method is characterized by working according to a previously drawn up treatment plan, clear communication, close tied contact with our referrers and thinking within the wishes of the patient (e.g. cost savings).

The following treatments are performed within the KMC:

Oral surgery

  • Removal of wisdom teeth;
  • Removal of teeth, molars and root residues;
  • Root point surgery (apex resection);
  • Diagnosis and treatment of mucosal abnormalities in the oral cavity;
  • Releasing impacted teeth;
  • more information

Jaw and facial surgery

  • Diagnosis and treatment of temporomandibular joint complaints
  • Reconstruction of bone for implantology
  • Jaw operations: Orthognatic surgery / orthopedics
  • Chin corrections / chin plastic-surgery
  • more information

Despite the fact that our small-scale outdoor clinic offers many advantages compared to hospitals, we cannot perform every treatment on location. We will plan complex Oral and Maxillofacial surgery and in some cases implantology within the hospital in Zaandam. Of course in consultation with the patient.
At the Zaans Medical Center it is also possible to perform a treatment under general anesthesia. There is a waiting list for this.

How to refer?

General practitioners, dentists and other medical specialists are extremely busy. So make it as easy as possible for yourself if you want to refer a patient.

Would you like to make an appointment for your patient directly by telephone:
Call 020-2373637 and we will schedule an appointment.
You can e-mail us the referral letter (via Zorgmail) or give it to the patient.

Of course, patients can also contact us by telephone and schedule an appointment..
They can call the customer contact center: 075-6501235.
You can e-mail us the referral letter (via Zorgmail) or give it to the patient.

To avoid unnecessary extra costs, we would like to ask you to include OPTs (from the past 3 months).

Peer/Collegial consultation

In some cases it is nice to discuss a case or treatment with the Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon himself. Of course we are happy to contribute to this. To request a peer interview, please contact us by telephone: 020-2373637.


We work with Zorgmail and we treat all privacy-sensitive data with the utmost care. Both digitally and physically on location, various security measures have been taken to handle these patient data. More information. More information.